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The castles and towers built throughout the centuries tell the story of Santorini and make up a unique mosaic of Culture and History

Cori Rigas Suites - Fira Santorini - Experiences - Castles
Cori Rigas Suites - Fira Santorini - Experiences - Castles
Cori Rigas Suites - Fira Santorini - Experiences - Castles

Tower of Nimborio: The 'Goulas'

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The fortified Tower in today Emporio village is a square structure. It was built under the Venetian style, probably in the 15th century. Attached can be found the “casteli” [castle] of Emborio village, where someone can wander around the winding paths and enjoy the architecture.

Castle of Pyrgos village, known as "Kasteli"

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The castle could only be entered at one point, the “Porta”, above which obtruded a square structure with an opening at the bottom part from which the inhabitants of the castle could pour burning oil on invaders. Like all the other castles of Santorini, one can find a church close to the entrance. Below the castle there used to be a system of passageways, used for protection or even escape in times of need. Pyrgos became the capital of Santorini after the abandonment of Skaros Castle, in Imerovigli in the mid 18th century, and before Fira, which is the capital of Santorini today.

Skaros Rock : The Fortress

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Original castle, (“Epano Kastro” Upper castle) or “La Roka” was built in the later Byzantine years. Skaros rock of today is totally uninhabited with the exception of a small church, the Chapel of Agios Ioannis. Only a few ruins are left from the formerly numerous dwellings.

Our concierge personnel can give you information on all the historic castles and on how to reach them.

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